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How it Works?

Goal Setting

We ask: “What are your academic goals? “

This helps us set our sights on a destination and gives us motivation.


Where are you with respect to those goals?

This helps us understand where we need to focus our efforts.


How much time do we have to get where we want to go?

Work out a tutoring schedule and execute.


Make student academic dreams a reality.


To inspire and empower the future leaders with tutors providing lessons from awe striking places like the Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone National Park, and the Amazon.

About Nomadic Tutors

Nomadic Tutors, previously Beavers Who Tutor, was founded early in the pandemic to support students through the transition into virtual learning, while employing MIT’s university students who had lost their on-campus jobs. Rebranded under Nomadic tutors, we’re taking our mission on wheels to meet students, parents, and schools all across the country.

Note from the Founder

My name is Ignacio Ortega Castineiras and I founded BWT. I was born in Argentina to Cuban parents and came to Miami when I was 3 years old. I went to Archimedean Academy for 12 years before going to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I graduated from MIT in 2020 with a degree in economics and was heavily involved in entrepreneurship and engineering. 

I met many amazing students along my journey and realized that university students have a sparkle in their eyes that should be shared with the world. Their insights and passions inspire the next generation to pursue their dreams and create a better world for the future.